Black Wolf Quilting Studio
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  Here are some of the many patterns available. See a more complete selection in the pattern catalog.      

Wildflower © Jodi Beamish

Burning Bush © Beany Girl Quilts

Popcorn © Jodi Beamish

Blossom © Jodi Beamish


Curly Hearts © Hermione Agee

Waterworld © Jodi Beamish

Tannenbaum © Jodi Beamish

Dazzle © Hermione Agee

Sheepish © Jelly Bean Quilter

Dragonfly Pond © Irene Steele

Floriana © Hermione Agee

Happy Times © Hermione Agee

Lotsa Ladybugs © Michelle Wyman

Moonlight © Jodi Beamish

Musica © Lisa Thiessen

Orange Peel © Jodi Beamish

Over the Moon

Plumage © Jodi Beamish

Saffron © Hermione Agee

Sparky the Dog © Mary Eddy

Spin © Jodi Beamish

Spiral Feather © Jodi Beamish

Springtime © Irene Steele

Square Dance © Circle Lord

School of Fish © Mary Eddy

Tea Rose © Hermione Agee

Tickle © Beany Girl Quilts

Timeless Hearts © Irene Steele

Toolbox © Jodi Beamish

Whirly Gig © Jodi Beamish

Swirls © Circle Lord

7 Treasures of Buddha © Circle Lord

Animal Crackers © RNS Design

Counting Sheep © Gali Designs

Stars and Stripes © RNS Designs